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A Woman's Best Medicine
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In A Woman's Best Medicine, two physicians and a research psychologist trained in Maharishi Ayur-Veda medicine apply this ancient wisdom to women's health concerns. Among other topics they discuss are: the benefits of the menstrual cycle; practical ways to enjoy a comfortable pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause; the important contribution of nurturing relationships to wellness; and an introduction to daily and seasonal eating, sleep, and exercise routines. Through questionnaires that assess personal temperament, body-mind type, emotions, and habits, A Woman's Best Medicine offers an in-depth, preventive, self-care program that fully develops and uses a woman's self-knowledge. The result is a joyous return to a natural state of radiant health, happiness, and long life. 'God bless this book. Its grounding in a meditative perspective and its appreciation of the feminine lead us to the river to drink of knowledge of the totality of life-the definition of Ayur-Veda.'-Yoga International 'This book is a valuable introduction to Ayur-Vedic principles, in clear, down-to-earth language.'-Larry Dossey, M. D., author of Healing Words 'This is the best book on women's health I have ever read. It is the revolutionary health book that every woman deserves to read.'-Claudine Schneider, former U.S. congresswoman and co-chair of Women's Health Initiative, Rhode Island

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